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Helping leaders age 40+ revive, shine and prosper!

Brighton and Hove Life Coach and Mind Coach Caroline Rushforth

Hi I’m Caroline, UKs leading Life Coach and Mind Coach Expert – helping age 40+ female leaders and business owners break free from stress and overwhelm so they can shine, thrive and prosper in health and wealth, through my rapid-results 6 step coaching system. I offer face to face sessions in Brighton & Hove and international sessions online.

Would you love to:

  • Boost resilience and bounce back more quickly when triggered by your demanding boss, or stress-prone clients?
  • Banish people pleasing and assert yourself with confidence, freeing up your time and mental headspace?
  • Empower yourself with effective strategies to pioneer your prosperity, whilst in optimal health and creating impact?

Time is flying by right? Even tasks like emptying the dishwasher can feel overwhelming, let alone taking time for yourself. But imagine dedicating just 30 minutes for you to focus on tailored solutions to better health, wealth and mental resilience, that fit around your busy life perfectly.

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Imagine if…..

  • You communicate your boundaries and bounce back more resiliently after tricky conversations with your manager, co-workers or clients
  • You glide through meetings and presentations with ease, radiating confidence and self-assuredness
  • You feel emotionally stronger when under pressure and gracefully decline additional work expectations when necessary
  • You increase your income exponentially, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance
  • You flourish with newfound emotional stability, feeling relaxed, calm and free from anxiety
  • You triumph over detrimental habits, shift belly fat and feel amazing and confident in your body
  • You have deep, uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling revived and energised for the day ahead

“Caroline is a gifted Coach and our sessions have changed my life. Caroline’s support, time and dedication has truly helped me through one of my most challenging times. Working through Caroline’s system enabled me to break through significant barriers which were holding me back. With the support, knowledge, resources and tools from Caroline, I have come to a new level of awareness to create significant changes in my life that I am forever grateful for.”

~ G Martindale

Break free from overwhelm, indecision and anxiety and step into expansion, growth and clarity so you can thrive in midlife, with heart-driven passion and purpose!

I know first-hand the relentless grind of overwhelm and burn-out. A few years ago during a very busy time in my practice, I hit an unexpected breaking point. Despite helping clients gain rapid relief from anxiety and stress for over 15 years, I realised I’d been doing the very things I was telling my clients not to do, pushing myself to limits and overriding my health! My energy was low, my eyes were sore, my body was aching and I was exhausted…what a fraud! So off I went to piece myself back together! But what I uncovered during my healing journey went beyond the surface of work pressures and juggling life admin. There are many more intricate dynamics at play during the process of burnout, particularly in our early to mid forties — symptoms that I know many ambitious women are struggling with right now but aren’t aware of, amplifying their issues even more.

When you’re overwhelmed you’ll no doubt want to short-cut the pain and gravitate to the most soothing solution you can find to relax yourself, or ease the pressure. This can often be disguised in emotional eating, over drinking or getting into bad daily habits, ones that have become an additional worry or stress potentially. You may also feel a deep need for change, a desire to break-free but you’re reliant on your monthly income or loyal client-base; so making changes can feel like you’re “rocking the boat”. When your emotional cup is full, you may catch yourself asking questions such as “is this all there is?” or “who am I?”. Despite all your hard work raising kids or dedicated to your job, you find yourself doubting how far you’ve come as a Mother, Manager, Director or Entrepreneur. Could it be a midlife crisis? Hormones? Or something else? This is where I can help.

I’ve mentored, coached and trained many hundreds of people; spanning from young people through charity work, to Leaders and Directors of blue-chip organisations. You can read more about my work and my back story here.

In the meantime if you’d like to have a chat, or discuss tailored solutions to get back your joie de vivre and enthusiasm to thrive, click on the button below and reserve a free consultation.

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Claim Your FREE Download – 7 Major Hidden Triggers of Burnout and Overwhelm – Video and Guidebook Series (RRP £9.97)

Uncover the hidden forces driving your feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout; catalysts you’re highly unlikely to be aware of. In my transformative video and comprehensive guidebook, I reveal my most valuable insights, highlighting the 7 Hidden Triggers you must not overlook as a woman over 35. Along with this guidebook, you’ll also discover 7 Powerful Solutions to equip yourself with enhanced knowledge and improved health, enabling you to thrive powerfully as a resilient Leader or Business owner.

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Work with Me

Private Life Coaching with Caroline Rushforth

Breakthrough Session

A 90-minute life-style powerhouse designed to identify your blocks, increase energy and set you on a path to feeling human again. This session is a clarity catalyst or a stepping stone that leads you into bespoke solutions, customised to your emotional and physical wellness. Enjoy dedicated “time for you”, expert coaching support and proven strategies that will leave you motivated, uplifted, and mentally balanced.

Group Coaching Programme


This shorter term, six-step coaching experience is ideal if you’re looking for rapid results over a 3 month duration. Using a blend of coaching and science-backed interventions, this deep dive process will dissolve your subconscious blocks, fears and emotional overwhelm, whilst paving the way for a clear and focused path forward. I’ll gently guide you through my powerful Mind Energetics™ system so you feel confident and empowered to step-up and flourish with ease and flow.

Free Resources


This programme is ideal for deep transformation and new chapters. If you’re feeling a magnetic pull to change career, leave a relationship, start a business or feel stuck in a state of indecision and inner chaos, this 12 month support programme could be just the ticket you’re looking for. This is a high level personalised coaching experience to navigate life changes, scary leaps forward and elevate your growth beyond your wildest dreams!

Overcome Emotional Eating & Food Addiction

 Elevate and Shine Mastermind

Elevate and Shine is a transformative experience tailored to amplify profound change and create remarkable growth and expansion for leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. This heart-centered Mastermind is ideal if you’re looking to embark on a new chapter, elevate your business or career and amplify wealth expansion alongside supportive, like-minded powerful creators.

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