Ebook Mind Mastery Toolkit cover

E-Book – Mind Mastery Toolkit


Sometimes we look outside of ourselves for answers to our deep personal chaos but we each have our own inner healing system and tools that can be used any time, with rewarding results if practiced consistently. When we take responsibility for our health, we then have the power to change and feel successful as a result.

In this mind-mastery tool-kit you will discover:

  • How to be a true “Self-Master” using your very own special subconscious resources
  • How the mind processes subconscious stress and what happens when memories get stuck
  • How to shift away emotional baggage and reduce anxiety
  • How to reprogram your negative thoughts, boost your mindset and uplift your monkey brain
  • Exercises to harmonise your intelligent mind and body for a happy and functioning immune system
  • How to strengthen your energy field for overall wellness!

Did you know that your subconscious mind extends as a magnetic field of energy which envelops your entire body?

I decided it was time to write this book as I have been studying and mastering this knowledge and information for the last 18 years. I have healed from depression and reprogrammed my mind from sabotaging and psychological food addiction. I’ve dissolved a backlog of childhood and teenage grudges, and followed my true passion to help other people fulfil their potential.

I truly hope this Mind-Mastery Toolkit will help to enhance your life in a beneficial way. It is the toolkit that I have used for my own self-healing and indeed the toolkit I use in my client work. I truly hope it is of great value, even if you only have one new thought or idea!