I came across the wonderful products of Nikken back in November 2016 with the intention of getting the Pi-Mag Waterfall as I had been looking for an alternative to lacklustre filtered water which I daily consumed through plastic Brita filters. I knew of the poisons that seeped through plastic and indeed plastic bottles. I was such a big drinker of water I needed an alternative and was waiting for that special something…….and finally it came to me! I’ve always been a big fan of concepts that are different, quick, tangible and people can tell that something has made a difference in quick succession. This is what wingwave does and now these wonderful magnetic products are a great accompaniment.

So if you have a big heart and love to help people like me, then I would be very interested to talk to you. Perhaps you are bored with your current job or feel a lack of fulfilment as you’re not giving enough back or doing what you love. I know how that feels as I was once there as well. Since then I always follow my heart with everything in my work, I do what I love every day helping people and making a difference to their health and wellbeing. I would love to hear from you if you’d like to make a difference too.

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