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Are you driven, a little soft on the inside and deeply care about the impact you’re making in your work? Or perhaps you over analyse and often ruminate about worst case scenarios and catastrophes?

With over 15 years of experience and drawing from my own transformative journey two decades ago, I’ve learned that profound change requires a unique approach; this involves tailored coaching that matches your unique circumstances.

Imagine if:

  • You could navigate life with a clear sense of direction and embrace new challenges with a smile
  • Breakthrough subconscious barriers and feel proud of yourself
  • Feel inspired to thrive and achieve your lifelong career ambitions
  • Gain elevated clarity so you can confidently step into a new relationship
  • Transform sabotaging patterns so you feel great in your body
  • Feel energy and vitality, embracing joyful moments with family and friends

When we do our inner work, not only does it have a positive effect on us as individuals but also our family, friends and loved ones. 

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My uplifting tailored coaching programmes are for people just like you! They are designed to fit your needs and budget, like a perfect pair of shoes or comfy PJs. They are expansive, elevating and highly effective.

Introducing MindSpa!

Picture a life where you break free from the shackles of fear, have emotional equilibrium and regain a sense of empowerment. Imagine a reality where every goal, dream and aspiration is not only within your grasp but well within your control. This is the transformative outcome I am dedicated to helping you accomplish.

MindSpa is my most popular coaching programme which utilises my revolutionary 6-Step Mind-Mastery System. I use scientifically-backed techniques, accompanied by my own advanced expertise and years of client success.

Say goodbye to negative thoughts, shift subconscious blocks, and embrace a life of clarity and calm!

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Transformational Coaching

MindSpa is especially designed for you if:

  • You’re stuck in a mind-maze, lack clear direction, or avoid opportunities to step up
  • You’re swamped by fears, overwhelm and negative thoughts that keep you fixed
  • The pressure of endless tasks leaves you with little time to nurture your interests and have fun
  • You get feelings of anxiety or feel emotionally triggered in the face of external situations and influences
  • You feel low on energy and drive causing you to regularly procrastinate
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“Reclaim your emotional equilibrium, break free from self-destructive patterns and rediscover your incredible potential!”


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How it Works:

We start with your personalised Activate Session: A dedicated deep dive session where we’ll explore your dreams and aspirations and design your exclusive personal roadmap to success. Activate is a space for us to unravel the current challenges that are keeping you stuck and discover fresh new solutions to overcome them.

Tailored Coaching: Following your Activate Session, I’ll personally design your exclusive transformational coaching programme that will be tailored to your unique circumstances and outcomes. You’ll gain crystal clear clarity, a strong sense of direction and feel back in control.

Get Started: We lock-in your sessions over the duration of 3 – 6 months, taken either weekly or fortnightly depending on your preference. Ensuring a comfortable and gradual progression to your overall outcome.

Here’s what others had to say about their transformational 6 step MindSpa coaching experience:

“Caroline is a gifted life coach and our sessions have changed my life. Caroline’s support, time and dedication has truly helped me through one of my most challenging times. I have completed 2 different Coaching programmes which have enabled me to break through significant barriers which were holding me back. With the support, knowledge, resources and tools from Caroline, I have come to a new level of awareness to create significant changes in my life that I am forever grateful for.” ~ Georgina Martindale

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“Caroline is a legend! I have been suffering for some time with depression, low self worth and despising most things in my life and being a ‘bloke’ sadly didn’t look for help. Luckily my wife contacted Caroline and now I feel a fool for not doing it sooner! Caroline has transformed my life and words cannot describe how thankful I am for what she has done for me.” ~ John Bowell

My approach is unique, we don’t spend hours discussing your past, we work to bring out the best version of you using my bespoke system that will transform your life. This programme will restore your freedom so you can create a future you truly deserve!