How to Overcome Anxiety

How to Overcome Anxiety Did you know that you have a choice in all that you do and have complete control over how you feel? To some that may seem confusing and ridiculous, to other’s it makes a lot of sense, however you may be trapped by your own restrictive challenges due to the anxiety…


How To Let Go of Resentment

When we are hurt it can be very difficult to simply forgive and forget. Strong feelings of anger, disbelief and hate consume us as we try to digest the situation, or plot revengeful ways to get even! We spend time regurgitating stuff over in our mind and playing the memory back like a movie. Repeating…


How to Heal from Rejection

How to Heal from Rejection We have all been there; booted out of a job, dumped by a partner, or had a few doors slammed in our faces (physically and metaphorically). The feelings that come with rejection can throw up a whole manner of self reflection, most commonly not being good enough or feeling desperately…


Detrimental Habits

How to Break a Bad Habit

How to Break a Bad Habit How many times have you had a good intention to change something for the better? You buy the latest fitness DVD. Purchase a bulk load of nicotine patches. Promise yourself only one glass of wine which turns into a bottle. Or fall into a guilty pit of despair after you’ve eaten…


Introduction to Life Coaching Brighton

Get the Perfect Job

Get the Perfect Job The job market is a highly competitive area and a lot of uncertainty for a lot of people, however if you’ve got the right CV, the right attitude, the right skills and you’re thoroughly prepared, what is stopping you? Starting with the all important CV It’s really important to have an…