5 Simple Statements That Can Change Your Life!

Carrie was a nice girl, she had a big social group of friends and was always out having fun, however, all was not as it seemed because every night she would go home from work feeling washed out, stressed and uptight. Her Manager was making her feel de-motivated, he never gave her any positive feedback…


Get back your Motivation Mojo!

Get back your Motivation Mojo! Motivation is a familiar word, and procrastination is one of those words you often hear on your first training session in Time Management skills. Is it a skill or an art form? In order to be a good procrastinator one must ensure that there is an end goal in mind,…


Introduction to Life Coaching Brighton

Get the Perfect Job

Get the Perfect Job The job market is a highly competitive area and a lot of uncertainty for a lot of people, however if you’ve got the right CV, the right attitude, the right skills and you’re thoroughly prepared, what is stopping you? Starting with the all important CV It’s really important to have an…