A Guide to Wingwave Coaching

A Guide to Wingwave Coaching Introduction Wingwave® Coaching was created by two psychologists in Germany and is a powerful and effective technique with a solid scientific foundation. This proven method gently facilitates profound transformations by addressing stuck emotions, anxiety, stress, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful habits. Combining EMDR (REM waving) and muscle testing…


Astrology update

Major Astrological Shifts 2023

Major Astrological Shifts 2023 Changes Guaranteed – March is on the Map! In March 2023 we have 7 out of 10 cosmic planets shifting signs in the skies which is super rare though there are specifically two major shifts which are worthy of a mention and article investment, all happening in March! When outer planets…


How to Use Rapid Eye Movement to Master Emotions and Build Resilience

How to Use Rapid Eye Movement to Master your Emotions and Build Resilience Life is a journey of many ups and downs that can send shockwaves through our neurological system. Sometimes our emotions can trigger responses in us that feel beyond our control, especially at the most unexpected times. When we’re met with challenges, it…