The Magnetic Field of the Human Body and the Impact of Positive Ions

In the technique of wingwave® I use the guidance of the body’s magnetic field to test a client’s emotional stress with the thumb and finger feedback tool. When
we are feeling stressed out and emotional, our body is weak, when we are happy and in a positive state of being, our body is strong. However wifi, mobile phones and air pollution all contribute to weakening the body’s magnetic field, draining us of energy and vitality. I was delighted when I came across Nikken products as I have found the perfect tool and accompaniment to the work I do in wingwave® . These wonderful magnetic products strengthen my body giving me more energy on a day to day basis.  I can become very ungrounded when I push myself out of my comfort zone, whether that’s speaking out in large groups, doing a presentation or anything where my adrenaline kicks in! It was the Mstrides insoles and the water that hooked me in and I’m so glad I discovered them!

My Magnet Journey So Far

Below is some information on the Nikken Magnetic insoles called Mstrides. When I first discovered these wonderful Nikken magnetic insoles, I noticed a big difference in my energy and vitality. I feel more grounded, able to think more clearly and I know that my energy field is being strengthened no matter where I am or who I am with. I now come home having been out all day, ready to do it all again!

The Pi-Mag Waterfall System (alkaline water filtration)

The Nikken Pimag Waterfall is the closest thing to nature. It puts back into water what mainstream filtration takes out. Immersed in mineral stones and filtered through magnetics, this is water that should taste like it oughtta! The water is beautifully soft on the pallet, alkaline and looks great on any kitchen side, office or waiting room.

The subconscious mind is not just in our brain, it’s a magnetic field that envelopes our entire body transmitting and receiving information like a current of energy. If you’ve ever felt the emotion of someone you care about, you’ve felt into their energy field like two satellites in communication. As we move along in our daily life, our magnetic field can get knocked out of balance in particular when we are stressed, exhausted and surrounded by wifi and air pollution. It’s no wonder we can ache, feel tired or ruminate patterns of negative thoughts. Nikken products are a perfect solution if you’re looking for a powerful but quick energy recalibration, or would like to soothe an aching mind or body. Founded in Japan , Nikken’s innovative wellbeing products combine science, nature and technology to provide Total Wellness solutions that deliver results. These amazing products create a unique environment that addresses every aspect of wellness to support the health and happiness of your entire family. Our wealth is in our health and Nikken products support fabulous health by providing better sleep, quality air and water, improved exercise, and wholesome nutrition.