Long-term Coaching for Inner Expansion and Personal Elevation

~ supporting you through powerful internal and external transformations!

Would you love to breathe new life into your future, ground down your deepest desires and elevate your value, wealth and prosperity?

Imagine breaking free from the shackles of fear and inner conflict, whilst feeling totally at ease emotionally and embodying your true authentic mission. Picture a reality where every milestone, dream and aspiration has been fully manifested and aligns with your entire being….your heart is beaming with joy and each day feels like a warm summers day….

If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably been feeling the winds of change whistling through your mind for a while now. No doubt you’ve been contemplating a big decision or feel overwhelmed and exhausted from overthinking about your next steps for fear of getting it wrong. Not sure how to move forward or where to start? Renaissance could be for you!

Renaissance is a comprehensive 12 month support programme designed for you if:

  • You have a strong magnetic pull to make a bigger impact in your work, but you feel super scared to step out of the stability of your current structure
  • You know you’re capable of massive exponential growth in your career or relationships but anxiety and fear overwhelm you
  • You’re caught in a whirlwind of anticipation and confusion about what’s possible for you, yet struggle to break free from over-analysis and indecision
  • “Just enough” financially feels like a prison, limiting your aspirations and dreams because you know deep down, there’s a whole new level of power to tap into
  • Time feels like it’s passing by but extremes of inner chaos are keeping you stuck, you know there’s so much more of you to give
  • You feel powerful inner rumblings and internal changes that feel out of control, but you’re unclear about where to start, what you really want, or how you’ll even get there
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Align your heart and mind with gentle support and guidance whilst making powerful changes that will spring board your life to another level.

This personalised coaching experience will be your roadmap to clarity; I’ll guide you through a powerful framework, crafted to steer the manifestation of your extraordinary expansion. Here’s how it works:

MODULE 1: Igniting Your Desires 

Embark on a guided journey expanding your mind and imagination! Gain clarity and create your visionary roadmap to activate your innate desires. Develop actionable steps for efficient progress towards your career, relationships and wealth creation, establishing a clear direction on your pathway forward. Unleash the powerful driving forces of your desires and aspirations. Align with your deepest values and learn powerful tools on how to express yourself authentically. 

MODULE 2: Exploring Deeper Realms

In this module, we’ll delve into the realms where you’ll meet your true self and breakthrough the fears and barriers that keep you stuck in your “old life” such as career, business, relationships, that have been blocking your path to prosperity. You’ll gain access to my proven EASE Tool designed to transform beliefs, limitations, and release heavy burdens so you can finally break free. All my methods have been successfully used with hundreds of my clients, including young people and senior leaders of blue-chip organisations. Navigate your new chapter with confidence whilst thriving powerfully through your authentic self!

MODULE 3: Metamorphic Revival

A deep dive into the facets of your inner personas. Uncover the inner conflicts and voices keeping you stuck and their origins. Make sense of the dynamic role your subpersonalities are playing and why they may be incongruent and sabotaging your desire to break free. Throughout this module you’ll resolve chaotic internal struggles, integrating the conscious and subconscious aspects of yourself, so you step into wholeness, self-love and remarkable growth!

MODULE 4: Wealth and Prosperity Activation 

Activate your divine inner power to manifest your abundance and fulfilment in every aspect of your life. Unlock the secrets of astrological transits, utilising them as catalysts for personal and financial expansion. Transmute money anxieties and release the fear of never having enough. As you heal old wounds and past traumas around money you’ll swiftly bring your personal goals and aspirations into existence.

MODULE 5: Elevate and Shine 

In this module we will dip into the future with your unique astrological compass for the year ahead. You’ll navigate your unique upcoming opportunities and use powerful cosmic transits to your advantage. If you are looking to align your desires perfectly, astrological alignment can be the powerful sails in the wind behind you!  In addition we will reflect on your journey, reviewing and celebrating your triumphs as you embody your dynamic, prosperous love, career and wealth manifestations!

“Learn powerful tools and techniques to quantum leap your most passionate dreams into reality.”


How it Works:

Book a Call: This is an opportunity to share your challenges, ask me questions, plus we can see if we’re a match for working together.

Should you decide to go ahead, we start with an Impactful Breakthrough Session: A space for us to build your roadmap ahead and a visual of your next 12 month.

Tailored Coaching: Following your Breakthrough Session, I’ll share your exclusive transformational framework that will be tailored to your unique circumstances and outcomes. You’ll gain crystal clear clarity, a strong sense of direction and feel back in control.

Get Started: We lock-in your sessions over the duration of 12 months, taken either weekly or fortnightly depending on your preference. Ensuring a comfortable and gradual progression to your overall changes.

Here’s what others had to say about their transformational coaching experience:

“Caroline is a gifted life coach and our sessions have changed my life. Caroline’s support, time and dedication has truly helped me through one of my most challenging times. I have completed 2 different Coaching programmes which have enabled me to break through significant barriers which were holding me back. With the support, knowledge, resources and tools from Caroline, I have come to a new level of awareness to create significant changes in my life that I am forever grateful for.” ~ Georgina Martindale

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Honestly – your support was completely transformative – and I truly don’t know how this has happened – but I don’t recognise myself!  I think my husband is a bit bewildered too! ~ Elizabeth Mansfield