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E-Book – Mind Mastery Toolkit


Sometimes we look outside of ourselves for answers to our deep personal chaos but we each have our own inner healing system and tools that can be used any time, with rewarding results if practiced consistently. When we take responsibility for our health, we then have the power to change and feel successful as a result.

In this mind-mastery tool-kit you will discover:

  • How to be a true “Self-Master” using your very own special subconscious resources
  • How the mind processes subconscious stress and what happens when memories get stuck
  • How to shift away emotional baggage and reduce anxiety
  • How to reprogram your negative thoughts, boost your mindset and uplift your monkey brain
  • Exercises to harmonise your intelligent mind and body for a happy and functioning immune system
  • How to strengthen your energy field for overall wellness!

Online Workshops


Jupiter and Pluto Master Manifesting Workshop

Once every 12-13 years the master manifester planets Jupiter and Pluto make a conjunction in the sky which means they are close together by degrees. When planets come together their energies merge making the transit super powerful. A conjunction of two planets also creates a reset and a new cycle begins between them. Pluto and Jupiter will meet 3 times during 2020 in April, June and November (due to retrogrades, when a planet goes back and forth in different directions) and this is a transit worth giving some attention to.

Astrology is choc full of patterns, cycles and energies depending on the mix of planets and this powerful aspect can often be found in millionaire and entrepreneurial charts; though that’s not to say we are all going to become millionaires overnight but it shows you the power of the blending energies when these two planets conjoin. There are always lower and higher expressions of planetary transits and I personally believe that the vibrations we hold in our energy fields will ascertain what we attract in. This powerful transit is not to be missed, when we know about these special gifts from the universe, we can use these transits to our advantage, the secret comes in the preparation of it.

For this transit in particular and during these unprecedented times it’s important create a mindset that will harmonise with these energies, we need to manage our mindset and remind ourselves that we have all the tools we need to create and achieve our personal goals.

In order to prepare for this exciting opportunity, I am holding an online workshop on Saturday 4th April at 2pm – 4pm UK time where I will be covering the following:

  • Jupiter and Pluto Conjunction Intro – Basic Intro
  • Fear Re-programming
  • Intention Setting
  • Raising Your Vibration
  • Creating Abundance
  • Tools for Manifesting

Due to these extraordinary times, this training is offered on a heart-centered donation basis, please fill out the form below if you’d like further info or would like to book on, or use the box below and then go to your basket to complete transaction, I will then email you the zoom link. I look forward to connecting with you!