“Absolutely brilliant, this coaching is an amazing resource to have through work. Thank you to Caroline who is a brilliant coach as always 🙂 ”


“I really appreciate the sessions with Caroline, concrete straight forward, I am feeling confident that I can share with her my personal / deep issues.. and she is providing solutions which are easy to implement and which are super efficient! Many Thanks!”


“I enjoyed the time spent thinking through an issue that I have to resolve with Caroline. “Thinking time” isn’t always available and certainly talking it through with someone else allows for that focus and gave me insights I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Thanks!”


“Excited for next session to learn strategies and really understand what has led to this current challenge.”

Clients – PepsiCo Global

“Talking with Caroline has absolutely helped change my frame of mind. I feel I have power to control my life instead of being pulled from pillar to post. I look forward to more sessions with Caroline!”

Deutsche Post DHL Client

“Considering the huge amount of ‘stuff’ I talked about, Caroline quickly helped me to see how my reactions to certain situations, are within my grasp to control and change the situation for the better. If I am picky…it would be wonderful to have a longer session, but can say I really enjoyed it!”

“Given the fact that I’ve never met Caroline before I felt immediately at ease and comfortable and the manner the coaching was conducted we covered alot in the 30 mins, I felt Caroline cared about me and getting the outcome I was looking for.”

Sky UK

“Really grateful to Caroline for working with me on unpicking some challenges and problems. I felt heard and came away with things to put in place and also things to think about and progress. I feel happier at work and home, this coaching has made a big impact on me. Thank you.”

England Rugby Client

“Another great session with Caroline, the exercise she went through with me today has had a big impact and I can already see how I can use it to help me. Our sessions have allowed me to explore some of the underlying feelings I have inside and outside of work and has set me up with some good ideas about what I can do next.”

Boots UK Client

I used to binge on sweet food, primarily chocolate based sweet food like biscuits and cake. It started when I was 14 and I signed up to Caroline’s Freedom Emotional Eating programme just before my 30th birthday. So that’s a good 15 years of regular, habitual binge eating that was magically solved in an hour zoom call followed by an intensive 2 hour face to face session with Caroline in Brighton.

I told a few people over the years about my binge eating problem, but otherwise I kept it a secret. And I would go to great lengths to conceal the shame I felt – eating alone, hiding food wrappers, lying about what I had eaten. Social events where there was a lot of sweet food around was a trigger but to be honest I binged in 3 or 4 day cycles. I would go to the shop specifically to buy food that I wanted to binge on. The thought about ‘this will be the last binge’ occurred regularly but it never was.

I had tried hypnotherapy, reading self-help books and counselling but none had worked for me. Then I saw Caroline do a demonstration of Wingwave at an event. I didn’t immediately go for it, because I didn’t think it would work on me. However I reflected on the amount I’d spent on food over the years, and dentist bills, not to mention the unquantifiable amount of misery binge eating had caused so I decided to take a punt.

And all I can say is if any of my story resonates with you, talk to Caroline about her Freedom from Emotional Eating Programme. I saw her 3 months ago and I haven’t binged since. In fact I’ve barely even thought about binge eating despite having experienced several events that would have triggered me before. And it hasn’t been willpower that’s got me through. How Caroline explains it is it’s like she removes the emotional connection you have with that food so you don’t feel inclined to binge eat anymore.

So thank you Caroline, because I’ve closed the Chapter of my life that featured binge eating and I am so grateful to you for making normal eating a reality for me. 

Laura Rose-Wilkins

I have had nothing but positive outcomes from the help I’ve received and it has been very enjoyable too!
Caroline has a lovely way of being down to earth and supportive yet gently challenging any self imposed limitations, this has helped me to increase my income and find the business success I’ve been reaching for.

Sophie Joseph

“After many years of managing & coping with anxiety and trying other forms of therapy (that didn’t stick), I felt tired and held back by my anxiety. After working with Caroline, I feel free from the constant feeling of ‘being on edge’/ nervousness. I also feel a renewed self-belief and empowered to go for my goals, without the negative doubts. Caroline is great at putting you at ease and I felt comfortable to have open discussions with her. I really can’t recommend Caroline enough!”

Caroline Meeks

I had been suffering from thoracic back pain that was with me most of the day in some intensity or other for the last 7 years. Despite thorough investigations by NHS, no reason could be found and therefore no diagnosis given and prescribed pain killers made no difference.
Luckily I was recommended by an alternative therapist to see Caroline. She has helped me enormously by guiding me to recognise and work through the deep seated emotions that have lead to this physical pain. Some of which had been buried from the past and some which occur on an almost daily basis. She has given me exercises (not physical)/homework to do that has helped me see what emotions are the triggers and helped me delve into them and understand what I can do to release them or indeed avoid situation that can cause them.
I can now cycle for 45 miles, walk at least an hour a day, sleep without having to get up for a couple of hours a night and enjoy going out for a coffee or a meal without being in fear of it always having to be curtailed because I need to go home. Basically I have got my life back. Thank you Caroline.

Andrea Birtwistle

Caroline is a lovely person to have on your team! She is calm and thoughtful and also highly knowledgeable. You really feel like you are in safe hands. Quietly challenging, I would recommend Caroline to anyone who wants to break down some barriers so that they can really get going in life. Thank you for a great experience!

Sue – Red Bird Tutoring