“Caroline has given me a new lease of life, being able to now embrace the future with a new joy, new happiness and an amazing sense of freedom to be myself.I no longer feel that my past defines me, it gives me the tools to build a bright new future.
I have received, counselling, psycotherapy to overcome my past traumas yet still I had issues with trying to emotionally and mentally change direction.

Wingwave is an amazing technique that Caroline has used, which has transformed my life for the better. Thank you for giving me the freedom and release to be the person I am destined to be. I look forward to an exciting new future.”

Cathy W, Hove

“I would totally recommend Caroline Rushforth for many reasons.  I have had in the past many therapies which I have found not to help.  Meeting Caroline on the first session, I felt relaxed and had complete reassurance that she will be able to help with my ongoing issues. Wingwave coaching was something which I had not heard of, and different from other therapy sessions.  I can honestly say it has changed my life and I am a very different person from  when I had my first session.  I can not recommend and thank Caroline enough.”

Angela, Worthing

“I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. I had a few wingwave Coaching Sessions with her earlier this year and initially I have to say, whilst interested I was a little skeptical of this new technique. She put me at ease straight away and has a lovely way about her. She really takes an interest in you personally and wants to help. When we started the technique it felt pretty strange but I can safely say that those sessions did me the world of good and unlocked something in me, that allowed me to release pent up emotions I had held on to, not just in recent years but much earlier than that. It’s quite scary the accuracy of it and the power to turn things around fairly quickly.  I am hoping to return for more sessions with Caroline when I can as it was a truly positive experience.”

Jane, Hove

“Caroline is a wonderful lady, very kind and understanding and really helped me with my confidence issues. I always felt much better after my sessions with Caroline. I felt stronger and less anxious, resulting in feeling happier and my anxiety level dropped from level 10 to 4 only after 2 sessions. After each session I felt that I could take on the world. I felt most invigorated and so glad I found her.”

Lorraine, Shoreham

“I came to Caroline when I was feeling extremely confused and stressed with work. As a result of my sessions with Caroline, I was able to make some important decisions about my future and found myself celebrating some great progress in just a few months.I felt safe and at ease working with Caroline, in addition I found her to be extremely approachable.  I wasn’t sure why but I had feelings of being down and no hope for the future but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I started some Life Coaching with Caroline and we also did some wingwave coaching. Suddenly I felt like I was back in my own mind. I had feelings of clarity and could see a better way for my future. The wingwave was really effective at clearing my mind of the fog.”

Beverley, Brighton

“After years of feeling very unconfident and low I decided to book a few wingwave sessions with Caroline.
Caroline knew exactly what to do and I noticed very powerful changes after just one session of wingwave coaching. I found her really approachable and generally just a nice person! My outlook on life has greatly improved and it’s all down my sessions with Caroline.
I can’t recommend her enough, if you’re looking to get your life back on track then what are you waiting for?!”

Neil, Brighton

“Caroline gave me back my life!  Seems a little dramatic although I really felt I had lost it.  Through various experiences within work and health issues I had lost all control of who I was and where I was going.  I really didn’t feel in control of anything. Through our regular coaching sessions and the ‘homework’  Caroline really got me to think about what was going on inside my head and outside of it. The coaching sessions helped with dealing with different situations and helped me plan and focus.”

Lorna, Isle of Man

“Caroline offered me help and guidance beyond my expectations. I felt continuously supported and helped through a range of personal issues I faced. Caroline gave me the ability to make decisions for myself again and improve my life. She helped me gain my confidence back and feel more like myself than ever. I have since continued to use the techniques she taught me and often find myself facing problems with an image of what Caroline would ask me to ask myself. This has helped me many times over since my sessions ended. Thank you Caroline x”

Elizabeth, Brighton

My life has improved so much in such a short space of time with wingwave. The greatest change within me is not carrying the sadness I once had. I am significantly happier, less anxious, more relaxed and far more spontaneous. It really is stunning the difference it has made to my life! Thank you Caroline!

R H – Brighton

Having suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for over 5 years, I have been able to get my life back to normal through wingwave coaching. I have been able to resume doing the things that I want to do in order to reach my dreams.

Charlotte, Worthing