Caroline’s help has been life changing, she helped me to grow and upscale my business with positive and very practical help and support.
I have had nothing but postive outcome from the help I’ve received and it has been very enjoyable too!
Caroline has a lovely way of being down to earth and supportive yet gently challenging any self imposed limitations, this has helped me to increase my income and find the business success I’ve been reaching for.
I would highly recommend using Caroline’s coaching and mentoring services you won’t regret it.
Thanks for all your help Caroline you’re a star!

Sophie Joseph – Essential Blends

“I reached a point in my life knowing I wanted to push myself further and was having trouble doing so. I was overweight and reached a glass ceiling in my career.

While I generally wouldn’t consider myself a negative person, my negative body image was holding me back from socialising, and believing in myself, feeling like I couldn’t move forward while I was overweight.

I booked sessions with Caroline and have started to see massive differences in my attitude and behaviour. I still have weight to lose, but I’m now confident in my approach and have seen a noticeable difference in my weight since I started. I no longer associate my weight to my self worth and feeling a lot more confident in getting out of my comfort zone.

While slightly skeptical at first, the wing wave sessions surprised me and have been a great help in releasing negative thoughts and habits.

It was a pleasure working with Caroline. She’s a warm person, who honestly wants to see you become the best you can be.”

Joey N

“I very much like working with Caroline. She is sincere and offers a lovely balance of being genuinely kind, sensitive and empathetic, whilst also being professional, reassuringly firm, quite matter of fact about things, and clear with her words and approach.

Caroline helped me navigate my way through a very negative patch that I hit, after finishing my PhD. Her guidance re weight management goals was very helpful. I loved my experience of Wingwave therapy with Caroline and it helped me breakthrough a learning block re a writing course I was embarking on. I would love to do more Wingwave coaching with Caroline.

Highly recommend working with Caroline.”

Amanda Ramsey

“After many years of managing & coping with anxiety and trying other forms of therapy (that didn’t stick), I felt tired and held back by the anxiety. I came across Caroline and was intrigued to see how the WingWave technique could help me and I have been amazed by the results!
After just several online sessions, I feel free from the constant feeling of ‘being on egde’/ nervousness. I also feel a renewed self-belief and empowered to go for my goals, without the negative doubts.
Caroline is great at putting you at ease and I felt comfortable to have open discussions with her. I really can’t recommend Caroline enough!”

Caroline Meeks

“Working with Caroline has been hugely beneficial for my healing journey and I have come on leaps and bounds since we began working together! From the Wingwave and astrology sessions to the books Caroline recommended, all have been so instrumental in getting me into the best mental shape of my life and I will be eternally grateful. Caroline is highly skilled, sensitive, deeply compassionate and just lovely to work with and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

Anna Roscher

“Caroline is amazing. Without wishing to raise expectations, I literally skipped out of our first session together. I have gleamed some extremely valuable insights in our time together and I would not hesitate to recommend her services. In fact I would sing her praises from the rooftops. Its been emotional, Caroline has great presence and I feel this has been an invaluable time and great leap forward. Much gratitude”

Anne McClean

“My 6 session programme with Caroline have transformed my whole life. I had experienced anxiety for years and tried many talking therapies to tackle this. Nothing has given me results like Caroline’s Wingwave.
I went to Caroline following the birth of my daughter. At this time my anxiety was controlling my life.
Caroline has a unique energy and passion to create change. Caroline reached in and pulled out the roots of my difficulties.
Now , I feel confident , joyful and most of all empowered to be myself.
Highly recommended.”


“Caroline is a legend! I have been suffering for some time with depression, low self worth and despising most things in my life and being a ‘bloke’ sadly didn’t look for help. Luckily my wife contacted Caroline and now i feel a fool for not doing it sooner! Caroline has transformed my life and words cannot describe how thankful I am for what she has done for me. It really shows the stigma around male mental health needs to be resolved as men should not live in fear of talking about their feelings and emotions with people like Caroline. If your a ‘bloke’ reading this don’t live in fear, contact Caroline and let her help change your life too. Thanks again Caroline”

John Bowell

Caroline is amazing and I’m very lucky to say I have had the opportunity to meet her.
Caroline has a magical manner and her practices are spot on. She has an honest and kind attitude whilst being human. Caroline makes you feel safe, calm that you are able to deal with your experience.
The language and phrases is perfect which helps you reflect the incident openly but to the point. That gives you the opportunity to say good bye and let you turn your emotions into positivity. This then helps you to let go and to become present that you are free to enjoy life again. Thank you again Caroline for everything and keep on spreading your wonderful energy.

Louise Bailey

I saw Caroline’s ad in Psychologies magazine. I was at a low ebb, struggling with the heavy demands of my job and feeling close to burn out – that I had unfortunately experienced before. The package she proposed sounded pragmatic, tailored and aimed at empowering the individual to overcome one’s (often self imposed) life challenges. Caroline is very personable and we connected immediately. Each session she asked me how best I wanted to use it, giving me guidance, tips, tricks and homework along the way. I truly feel I have grown and revived my energy thanks to our work together.

Anna Cook